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Kos offers a wide variety of hotels. The hotels have breathtaking view unique for every part of the day. Many hotels are ideal for families and you can combine sports with fun by giving you the chance to try a variety of activities such as water sports, tenis, badmington etc. Find all necessary information in travel kos...

Kos is the second largest island of the Dodecanese. Kos has a pleasant climate and fertile land famous for producing the kos lettuce.

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Its early history as part of the religious-political amphictyony that included Lindos, Kamiros, Ialysos, Cnidus, and Halicarnassus, is obscure. At the end of the 6th century Kos fell under Achaemenid domination, but rebelled after the Greek victory at Cape Mykale in 479. During the Greco-Persian Wars, when it expelled the Persians twice, it was ruled by tyrants, but as a rule it seems to have been under an oligarchic government. In the 5th century it joined the Delian League, and after the revolt of Rhodes served as the chief Athenian station in the south-eastern Aegean (411-407). In 366 BC, a democracy was instituted. After helping to weaken Athenian power, in the Social War (357-355 BC), it fell for a few years to the king Mausolus of Caria. In 366 BC, the capital was transferred from Astypalaia to the new-built town of Kos, laid out in a Hippodamian grid plan.

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